What tournament formats do you need?

It’s my goal to have Tournamenteer support pretty much every tournament format that you could realistically want to use. These are the tournament types/features that will be supported. Are there any tournament formats that you use for your events that aren’t covered here?

These are already in place:

  • Round-robin (a simple league table with the winner being whichever team or individual finishes top - like the English Premier League in football).
  • Straight knock-out (like the FA Cup - with or without replays).
  • Group stage followed by knock-out (like the football and rugby world cups).
  • Simple play-offs (as in English rugby’s Premiership)
  • Secondary competitions (e.g. the winners from the first round go into one set of knock-out rounds while the losers go into another).
  • Byes

These are planned:

  • Seedings (like Wimbledon or the US Open in tennis)
  • Repechage (a second chance for some or all losers to progress by contesting an extra round as in rowing and track cycling)
  • Complex play-offs (e.g. the Australian Football League)
  • The split league system used by the Scottish Premiership.