What are pending, active and archived tournaments?

On Tournamenteer each of your tournaments can be in one of three states: pending, active or archived.

Pending Tournaments

Pending tournaments are not yet public. This is the initial state when you first create a tournament. It allows you to build your tournament in private before you are ready to announce it to the world. You can configure all aspects of your event and preview all of its pages but nobody else will be able to see it until you activate it. You can have as many pending tournaments as you need (this can be useful if you are planning multiple upcoming events).

Active Tournaments

The active state is for those tournaments that are live. That includes tournaments that are currently in progress or that are open for registration. The number of concurrently active tournaments that you may have depends on your membership plan. You can free-up your active tournaments quota by archiving tournaments that have been completed.

Archived Tournaments

Once a tournament has finished and no longer needs to be updated, you can archive it. Archived tournaments are read-only. It is not possible to make changes once a tournament has been archived so be sure that this is what you want. The number of archived tournaments you can have is unlimited. Archived tournaments will remain publicly viewable for as long as you maintain your Tournamenteer subscription.